Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here's is our little man!

I was 18 years old when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Who was born 5 weeks early on May 24,1997 at Kaiser Hospital after a long and horrific labor. However I still gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him Evan Michael Carrillo.

I would love to sit here and write down every detail of his short little life but that would be like a book so instead I will shorten and share with you some of my favorite photos and maybe every once in awhile when i am having a hard day post a little something or a picture that I want to show you to go along with a memory that pops in my head.

This I feel is a great way to keep his memmory fresh in my mind. You see I have recently had healthy twin boys and I feel like I am starting to forget the little things and I do not want that to happen.

I hope you all enjoy this and are able to find comfort for those of you who were blessed to have him in your life. If you know somebody who is grieving then pass this to them and maybe they could start their own blog. I think it is already helping.

I tried support groups that was the same thing over and over and it was not helping me so I am always am look for a new way to cope. Hopefully this works.

Well anyways we lost Evan on July 5,2002 after one of his surguries this one was to place a feeding tube in his stomach instead of his nose. It was to hard on his weak lungs and he died 4 days later. I could not of asked for it to happen any other way it was in my arms with me singing his favorite song. I knew how sick he was we all watch him get sicker so It was comfort to know that our precious baby went to be where he could no longer have pain or a wheelchair or surguries. He can now walk and run and live the way we all wanted him to live.

He is missed and I hurt everyday but I truely find comfort in the fact that he is no longer suffering and he is with the amazing man who created him.

I also now will explain the crazy song you are hearing. Chop suey was his favorite song.
He would bounce on the bed and sing what word that he new and he loved it. I t was also his c.d that I listened to.

And here he is my little man.4wks old Posted by Picasa

He just turned one in this pic Posted by Picasa

He loved is kyklekykle that was what he called a motorcycle. Posted by Picasa

This is just one of my favorite pics. Posted by Picasa

do not think he was always so sweet and innocent. he did not want to wear that stupid hat and he told me about it. Posted by Picasa

one of our once a year photos that we took together. Posted by Picasa

We used to go for a walk on thankgiving to look at the leaves and play in them and he thought it was funny that this one was so big so he posed for a kodak moment Posted by Picasa

He was four in this picture! Posted by Picasa

Evan, Terry, and Rachal celebrating his graduation from preschool. Posted by Picasa

his 5th birthday party June 1st 2002 Posted by Picasa

This was the picture we had taken for his 5th birthday. we also choose this for his head stone which I will post on here on day. Posted by Picasa

This is Evan and my brother Eric hanging out and making us all laugh like they both loved to do so often. Posted by Picasa

This picture was taken at Venus Beach 8 days before he passed away.We always tried todo fun stuff that day we saw seals in the water ans walked the peir. We even walk the walk and watched the weirdos dance and sing he loved that Posted by Picasa

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